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Segment Challenge allows you to host & compete in your own Strava challenges

Segment challenge

Compete over Strava segments


Host your own challenge

  1. Choose the duration of your challenge (e.g. one week, a month, a year).
  2. Select your favourite local Strava segments, one for each stage in your challenge.
  3. Announce your challenge to your club members & invite them to join.
  4. Encourage your club's members to compete to set the fastest time on each stage.

Host a challenge


Compete in your club's challenge

  1. Join the club hosting the challenge on Strava.
  2. Once you've joined the club, you can join their challenges.
  3. When the challenge starts it's time to head out and ride the selected Strava segment, you've got until the stage end date. You can ride each stage as often as you like — only your fastest effort counts.
  4. Accumulate points from your leaderboard position at the end of each stage towards the overall competition.

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Upcoming & active challenges

Saying Goodbye SG700 Challenge

#SG700 Challenge

Hosted by Saying Goodbye SG700 Challenge

Ends in 11 months


2019 Fiasco Segment of the Month Challenge

Hosted by FIASCO

Ends in 10 months

BP 1000km Challenge 2019

BP 1000km Challenge 2019

Hosted by BP 1000km Challenge 2019

Ends in 10 months

Awesome Riders

Cycling Challenge - 2019

Hosted by Awesome Riders

Ends in 11 months


DHC 2019 Tour Series

Hosted by DHCyclesport

Ends in 10 months

Segment Challenge Laufserie ForchheimErlangen

Die Januar Challenge "Uphill"

Hosted by Segment Challenge Laufserie ForchheimErlangen

Ends in 13 days

No Snow

I would paddle 500 miles........

Hosted by No Snow

Ends in 11 months

Street Ratz Bicycle Club

January 250 Miles Challenge

Hosted by Street Ratz Bicycle Club

Ends in 13 days

Telkom MSO TREG-2

MSO 50K Januari 2019

Hosted by Telkom MSO TREG-2

Ends in 13 days

AFA test club

Testing - TRT January Challenge - 10 Miles

Hosted by AFA test club

Ends in 13 days

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Recent activity

Mick Veal
Recorded a faster time for stage Into Creswick of 2:53
January 18, 2019 at 7:18am

Brad Macgowan
Recorded a faster time for stage Ol Man Roo of 2:44
January 18, 2019 at 6:54am

Damien Bruneau
Recorded total activity distance for stage Stage 1 of 367.2km
January 18, 2019 at 6:21am

Mayank Ahar
Recorded total activity distance for stage Stage 1 of 77.1km
January 18, 2019 at 6:00am

Mayank Ahar
Recorded a run activity for stage Stage 1 of 1.3 miles
January 18, 2019 at 6:00am