Strava has decided to revoke access to the Strava API for Segment Challenge.

Segment Challenge will be shutting down. Read more

2018 Miles for 2018 is a Ride the distance challenge, You have the entire year to cover 2018 miles for the year 2018. We certainly want to motivate everyone to have this achievement on their calendar year. As a target, it might look like a big goal, but if you split it by 365, its
Viva Xaxti Riders roughly 6miles a day. Are you up for the challenge? Viva Xaxti Riders

Challenge information

Activities included in the challenge are based on each athlete's local time zone.

Activity privacy settings must be marked Everyone to count towards the challenge.

All activities logged during the challenge period must be uploaded to Strava no later than three days after a stage ends.

This challenge is organised by Xaxti Riders and only members may join.