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If you’ve lost some of your swimming ‘mojo’ or simply looking for some accountability and a bit of a challenge - nothing too big, nothing too small - join us for a repeat of the 30-Day Challenge in the upcoming month of December.

Be sure to also follow along in the Swim Squad Facebook group:

Follow along, in sync, with the Squad using the guided swim workouts in the Challenge. All posted workouts are scaled for a variety of fitness and skill levels.

Aim for a total of either 30,000yd/m or 50,000yd/m by the end of the month.

The first is a simple 1k or 2k steady-state aerobic swim. Simply set a reasonable target pace that you’d be happy with even on a bad day and get swimming.

The Second and Third workouts are either a Technique & Endurance Session, a CSS (Threshold) endurance workout, or Red Mist Endurance workout.

The Fourth is where you’ll be challenged to come up with your own swim (or possibly dig into your archive of saved workouts you’ve done in the past). Ideally, grab a swimming partner and put your head’s together for this session!

To login to the site and access all the workouts and content, just follow this link, it’s FREE to join:

Hope you’ll join us in December.

JKS! (Just Keep Swimming)

  • Coach Mike
Challenge information

Activities included in the challenge are based on each athlete's local time zone.

Activity privacy settings must be marked Everyone to count towards the challenge.

All activities logged during the challenge period must be uploaded to Strava no later than three days after a stage ends.

This challenge is organised by The Swim Squad and only members may join.