Strava has decided to revoke access to the Strava API for Segment Challenge.

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Start Maratonåret 2019 med å løpe minimum 42,2 km i løpet av Januar. Du kan vinne gratis startnummer til BMW Oslo Maraton og en løpetrøye fra Craft. Vi er stolt partner av BMW Oslo Maraton.

Challenge goal

This challenge has a total activity target of 42.2 km.

Athletes who complete this challenge by achieving the goal will receive a digital finisher's badge in their Trophy Case.

Challenge information

Activities included in the challenge are based on each athlete's local time zone.

Only Run activities are allowed for this challenge. Manual entries, virtual runs, and treadmill runs are not eligible.

All activities logged during the challenge period must be uploaded to Strava no later than three days after a stage ends.

This challenge is organised by Craftmorningrun but anyone can join.