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The Madonna del Ghisallo, symbol of the Giro di Lombardia and true heart of Italian cycling, is just up the road from Bellagio, the “pearl” of Lake Como, Italy. This climb is legendary, consistently present in the Lombardia, and sacred, as on top of the climb you can find the Madonna del Ghisallo Cycling Sanctuary and the Ghisallo Cycling Museum, two special and unique places that will take you back to when the sport of cycling truly began. The climb can be tough in some sections, but the views and the fact that nearly every famous cyclist has ridden the same road, will make it the experience of a lifetime.

The Bike It! Bellagio challenge: our guide Elio (Luca’s father) will be climbing to the Madonna del Ghisallo from Bellagio for time at the beginning of the season in March. Whoever, during the season, comes closest to or matches his time will win a prize!

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