Muro di Sormano: toughest bike path in the world 

Hosted by Bike It! Bellagio

March 18, 2018 — October 18, 2018

Give the infamous Muro di Sormano a try…it’s the toughest bike path in the world! With an average 18% gradient and max 25%, this 1.7km might be one of the toughest climbs you ever attempt. Staying on the bike for the entire climb is a challenge itself! Distract yourself by reading the altitude each meter of the way (also letting yourself know how much is left) and by reading some famous quotes about the impossible Muro.

The Bike It! Bellagio Challenge: our guide Mario will be doing the Muro di Sormano for time at the beginning of the season in March. Whoever can beat Mario’s time during the season will win a prize!