Strava has decided to revoke access to the Strava API for Segment Challenge.

Segment Challenge will be shutting down. Read more

Segment Challenge news

Shutting down

April 6th, 2019

Strava have notified me that Segment Challenge will not be allowed access to the Strava API.

Without access to data from Strava this site cannot function. Therefore I will be shutting down Segment Challenge in the very near future. I'm disappointed with this situation after investing three years and almost 1,000 hours building, running, and supporting Strava athletes using Segment Challenge.

Thank you for everyone who has enjoyed using the site and for understanding what's happened.

Access to Strava's API

March 27th, 2019

Unfortunately Strava has decided to revoke access to the Strava API for Segment Challenge as "... the purpose of this app is competitive with Strava".

Segment Challenge cannot access any Strava activity data. This site cannot fulfill its purpose unless Strava decide to allow access to their API.

Sorry to all athletes who have enjoyed using Segment Challenge to host their own challenge or compete with others in their club's challenges.

Virtual races

February 2019

Segment Challenge now allows you to host your own virtual race.

You decide the race distance and type of activity – such as "Virtual 10K Run" – and how long competitors have to record their attempt. Competitors must go out and set their fastest time over that distance in a single activity. Overall position in the leaderboard is based on their fastest time over the race distance.

It's like a real race, except competitors can record their attempt at any time or location.

Activity challenges

January 2019

You can now host your own Strava challenge based on distance, duration, or elevation gain. These are similar to Strava's own challenges, but anyone can create them.

The challenge can be configured to record total activity during the challenge period, or only the longest single activity. You could create a monthly distance challenge, or longest activity in a month.

Activity challenges can include an optional goal to motivate competitors. Athletes who complete the challenge by achieving the goal receive a digital finisher's badge in their trophy case.